As Father of the Bride, you will be expected to be warm, welcoming and share a few memories of your daughter. Usually the Father of the Bride goes first, so your speech will set the tone for the evening.  

What am I supposed to say?

It's pretty straight forward really.  There are three main things you need to cover:

1. welcome the guests on behalf of both families

2. tell stories about your daughter

3. welcome your new son-in-law into the family

The goal of your speech is to get the balance just right.  While no one will expect you to be cracking jokes like the best man, the Father of the Bride speech should still be uplifting and entertaining.  

I think you really want to keep this speech fairly short. Try to have a maximum speech of about 5 minutes.  There are a lot of other speeches to get through!   

How can the wedding toaster help?

I write speeches for a living.  Which means I can write a full speech that is warm, funny, and appropriate in just a fraction of the time it will take you. 

How does it work?

We start with a 20 minute phone call.  We talk about all the aspects of the wedding and what you want to cover in the speech.  From this conversation, I will write a first draft of the speech.  

We then have another phone call to talk about the speech, make amendments and add in any new stories you have come up with (this always happens). 

We keep going back and forth in this way until you are totally happy with the final product.  In general, I find that most speeches go through about three drafts until it's finalised.