Of course, writing a great wedding speech is only half the work.  Do you have the public speaking experience and expertise to deliver the speech to a standard you are happy with?

There are plenty of good reasons to use a professional speech coach for your speech.  We will cover:

  • How to vary the pace of your speech 
  • How to deliver punchlines properly 
  • How to deal with anything that goes wrong (like a microphone cutting out)
  • How to manage any nerves on the day 

Apart from anything else, rehearsing is a chore that many people keep putting off to the last minute. However, when you book a session with me it will force you into rehearsing properly!

I can't stress enough just how effective one-on-one coaching is. With just one hour of dedicated coaching you will see results that far exceed anything you can achieve by reading your speech out loud in your bedroom!

someone actually asked me if i was a professional speaker afterwards. your coaching obviously works! 

nial (melbourne)   


This is the ultimate way to guarantee you give a fantastic speech at the wedding. For just $449 you not only get a completely bespoke speech with unlimited redrafts., you also get a one hour coaching session, so that you are fully prepared on the big day.